About Us

Cap-Chur Feeds produces high quality feed pellets and lick blocks.
Balanced feed formulations are developed in collaboration with Feedtek.

Our Objective

To produce top quality feeds through the use of:

  •  top quality raw materials,
  •  top quality premixes,
  •  total quality management practices in our processes.

Our clients must make maximum profit by producing top performing animals.

All feed formulations are made by a team of top animal nutritionists at Feedtek.

Our Mission

We will fear God and live our Christian values – demonstrating integrity in all our actions.
We will function with a high level of personal energy – energising those around us.
We will have the courage to make difficult decisions, and execute them, to accomplish our vision.

Our Vision

We will clearly distinguish our products and services as the best quality and value to our customers – as measured by our customers.
We will maintain a sustainable, competitive advantage through the excellence of our people, processes and products – creating value for all our stakeholders.