Garlium® GEM HC consist of concentrated Garlic and other Allium compounds and were specifically formulated to enhance the flavour and taste of animal feed. Garlium GEM® HC also acts as an insect repelling agent when consumed by horse and cattle.


  • Pleasant garlic taste characteristics and a strong, distinctive aromatic profile
  • Contains concentrated Garlic and other Allium compounds
  • Homogeneous particle size improves mixability into feeds, licks, etc
  • Stable for 12 months if stored according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Compliant with EU regulations, free of animal products
  • Registration numbers in accordance with


  • Acts as a palatability enhancer
  • In horse and cattle diets, it aids in repelling insects
  • Once ingested, non-metabolized garlic active ingredients are excreted via the breath and skin, surrounding the animal with a garlic aroma
  • New research indicates that Garlium® GEM HC consumed by cattle and game, reduces the number of ticks attached to the skin, especially in the ear area
  • Do not feed Garlium® GEM HC to lactating animals where milk intended for consumption by humans or sold for processing

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